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JiGMO Voice Recorder With Battery Indicator

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📝 THE BEST WAY TO TAKE NOTES… Did you know that you are probably only capturing about 20-30% of what you hear through a traditional note taking system? Not to mention, you are missing the full sensory experience to capture exactly what is being taught, and then be able to recall the information easily. Get more productivity out of your learning with the best way to take audio dictaphone notes!
👩 SIMPLE AND EASY TO USE: Single ON/OFF switch for hassle-free operation as a digital recorder. Doesn’t need to be plugged into a computer to record. For lectures, interviews, meetings, seminars, concerts, conversations. Used by students, journalists, business professionals, doctors, patients, musicians, poets, writers, teachers! VOICE ACTIVATED: If the volume of the sound source falls below -40dB, the recording will stop automatically and resume once the sound level goes above -40dB.
🔋 ALWAYS KNOW WHEN TO RECHARGE AND WHEN YOUR DRIVE IS FULL: With our new battery indicator, never worry again about battery charge! With the switch ON, press the @ button briefly to display the battery charge (with 4 red LED lights, each representing 25% charge). Press the @ button longer to see 4 blue LED lights to see drive space (each representing 2GB of data), so you can back up your recordings to free up space on your voice recording device.


dB9PRO Voice Activated Digital Recorder with USB – 8GB / 96 Hrs Capacity Mini Sound Recorder – Audio Recording Device with Microphone! with 2 Lanyards & E-Book! Never Miss Another Word!


✅ NEVER MISS SOMETHING IMPORTANT AGAIN! Have you ever appeared in a test and wondered when your teacher even covered those topics in class? Or what about that time you missed an important assignment you were handed at a business meeting, but you plain forgot? Of course, it didn’t really help that in all those situations that they were speaking at 200 words per minute, so how could you have kept up anyway? Just let our dB9PRO recording device help you remember what is important to you!
📝 THE BEST WAY TO TAKE NOTES: Did you know that no matter how fast you are, whether you write or type, you can only capture about 20-30% of what is spoken? You are also missing the full sensory experience of what is being shared. With our dB9PRO voice recorders, you never have to miss a thing, so you can capture 100% for easy review afterwards! Get more productivity out of your meetings and classes by taking notes with your new listening device.
👩 AMAZING GIFT IDEA! Our premium dB9PRO sound recorder makes an amazing gift for students, journalists, musicians, poets, lawyers, business professionals, and even to record a cute song sung by your child to listen back to years later. Our voice activated recorders can hold 8GB of data, or 48 hours of audio, with a battery life of 7-10 hours. Please use Windows Media Player for Windows 10, or VLC Media Player for Mac.

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aLLreLi REC01 Spy USB Digital Voice Recorder – 8GB, Silver

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  • 2 HANDY GADGETS IN ONE: This is a usb flash memory pen drive, with a difference – it records at a flick of a switch. Holds up to 8GB of voice recordings, documents, photos & more

  • THE ULTIMATE SPY TOOL: Over 10-15 Hour record time after full charging

  • EASY TO RECHARGE: Just plug the spy voice recorder into a USB port, and it will be ready to use again in just 2 hours

  • EASY TO USE: No installation required, installs automatically


aLLreLi CP0260 Digital Voice Recorder

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  • RECORD FOR 3 FULL DAYS 3.7V 540mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery provides 72 hours of recording time before the digital voice recorder needs to be recharged
  • MEMORY PROTECTION 8gb voice recorder keeps audio files saved even when you turn it off or when the battery becomes drained
  • PREMIUM SOUND QUALITY Much better than a spy pen! PCM recording format and pro audio DSP chip let you hear sound in crystal clear high definition; Even features noise reduction
  • PRACTICAL OPERATION Schedule recordings or sleep mode for planned meetings and events. Supports APE, FLAC audio and A-B playback
  • BUILT-IN TIMER Add a time stamp to your recording or set the timer to turn the 8gb voice recorder on and off at certain times

aLLreLi CP00341 USB Digital Voice Recorder 8GB for Mac and PC

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Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • 2 HANDY GADGETS IN ONE: Use it as a digital voice recorder & as a USB flash drive for files! Holds up to 8GB of voice recordings, documents, photos & more

  • CAPTURE CRYSTAL CLEAR AUDIO: The voice recorder pen creates recordings with impressive sound quality, making it the perfect dictaphone recorder for work or school

  • THE ULTIMATE SPY TOOL: This digital voice recorder can record for about 13 hours on a single charge

  • EASY TO RECHARGE: Just plug the spy voice recorder into a USB port, and it will be ready to use again in just 2 to 3 hours

  • SO SIMPLE TO USE: No software or drivers required! True plug and play technology compatible with Mac OS X and with Windows (PS: It can’t set time on Mac OS X)