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Q. Does the magnetic car mount can be used for my old style car?
A. The magnetic car mount can be used for all cars. Super strong 3M VHB glue provide powerful adhesive force,sticks to any flat surface.

Q. Will the magnetic holder effect the phone function?
A. No, This product wouldn’t do any harm to your phone or tablet PC.

Q. Does the metal plate can be removed if we don’t need it anymore?
A. Yeah, you can use a hair dryer to heat the metal adhesive then remove it.

Q. Does the metal plate on the back interfer with NFC payment systems?
A. No,it did not interfere with NFC payments.

Q. Does the adhesive of aLLreLi magnetic mount hold up to high interior car temperatures?
A. Normal magnetic holder may fall off potentially if the temperature of your dashboard rises too high under the burning sun. However aLLreLi Magnetic Holder will not, as it use premium 3M adheisve to make sure adheisve will works in high interior car temperature