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M535 Manual



1. Where is the wireless dongle/receiver?

A: Please check the back of mouse (it was hidden in the battery box)

2. My laptop doesn’t have a cd drive. Do i need to use the cd in order for it to work? Im a student so the mouse will be for basic use, nothing fancy.

A: No, the mouse will work without the drivers

3. Can you program the thumb button to left click once? I have trigger finger and can’t left click

A: Yes, each button can be reassign to a new function from a list of assignments.

4. Does it work on Macbook?

A: Yes, but the program software does not work with Mac, you can still enjoy other features of this mouse (Thumb-adjustable Button & Intelligent power)

5. How do you reconnect the mouse to the receiver? I lost my manual, and saw it written there.

First option is switching ON/OFF button. If doesnt work, them shuold build up the connection between mouse and receiver.
1. take out the reciever fom PC USB port and then re-insert, it will take about 30 seconds to get connection for receiver.
2. Put the mouse close to the receiver within 10M distance.
3. Switch to OFF mode and keep pressing the middle button for a few seconds (if middle button is under scroll wheel, it is acceptable to press the scroll wheel.
4. Switch to ON Mode, after 3 seconds, when indicator LED light flashes for a few seconds, then release the middle button,
5. If the connection built up successfully, indicator LED light will be off and the mosuse is workable, If not, plesae repeat the above steps.
hope this helps