Will the Magnetism of a Magnetic Car Stand Eventually Weaken?

Will the Magnetism of a Magnetic Car Stand Eventually Weaken?

In a previous post, we discussed whether your smartphone or GPS is safe on a magnetic phone mount. Today, we're addressing the question of whether a magnetic car holder will lose its magnetism over time.

Permanent magnets can lose their magnetism in three possible ways:

1. **Heat:** When ferromagnetic materials are heated beyond a specific temperature (Curie temperature), they lose their magnetism. This occurs because the magnetic domain structure of the metal is permanently altered by the energy (heat) applied to the magnet. The result is a paramagnetic material, which exhibits a form of magnetism called ferrimagnetism. Heating a magnet slightly will weaken its magnetism, but depending on its shape and the extent of heating, the magnetism will fully recover at room temperature. Under normal room temperature conditions, your phone holder will not lose its magnetism.

2. **Demagnetizing Magnetic Field:** Coercivity is the ability of a material to withstand demagnetization caused by an externally applied magnetic field. It's a key characteristic of a permanent magnet. Modern permanent magnet materials like Nd-Fe-B and Sm-Co have high coercivities, unlike older materials such as ceramic (hard ferrites) and Alnico. Demagnetization can occur when an opposite polarity magnetic field, strong enough, is applied. However, this situation is not commonly encountered.

3. **Shock:** This pertains mostly to older materials like Alnico and magnetic steels. Since they rely on coercivity to create magnetism, they can become demagnetized if subjected to sufficient shock energy, like being hit or dropped. Modern materials used in phone holders, including magnetic car holders, are not susceptible to this issue.

Considering these factors, the aLLreLi Magnetic Car Phone Holder is an excellent choice to keep your phone visible and secure. It comes with an 18-month warranty and can be easily replaced if any issues arise.
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